Buying Tips on How to Choose the Right Lawnmower for Your Garden Lawn

04 October 2019

Taking care of your yard can be a hassle. While some of us enjoy spending our afternoons getting dirty while working in the garden, others just want to get the job done quick and simple. To take care of your yard the correct way, you are going to have to purchase a lawnmower. Having said that, there are quite a few lawnmower options available for sale. Which mower is right for you?

Simple Tips for Choosing the Right Lawnmower

Whether you have a sprawling garden and an acre of land or merely a small backyard, taking care of your grass will be a priority. To keep your lawn looking slick, you’ll want a mower that can take care of the task at hand. Fortunately, there are a few simple ways to decide which lawnmower is right for your specific property. Since we all have different yards, we figured that these buying tips would help everyone. Keep on reading to find out how to select your next lawnmower!

1) Analyse Yard Size –
First and foremost, you are going to want to take a long look at how big your yard is. Make sure that you include all spaces that will be mowed in your measurement, including alongside the house as well as out front by the curb. If you have a large yard, with multiple acres of land, you’ll want a riding lawnmower. Riding mowers are the quickest and most powerful mowing options on the market. If you have a smaller yard, you might not need anything more than a simple walk-behind mower.

2) Pick Your Power –
Once you’ve got a read on how large your yard is, take some time to decide on your power source. Are you going to want to manually refuel your lawnmower with gasoline? Would you rather purchase a mower that can be plugged into the wall for an electrical charge? Do you want a tow-behind mower for a larger section of land? Along the way, you’ll also have to decide whether you want a cordless or corded mower as well as a battery or gas-powered option.

3) Look at Obstacles – Finally, you are going to want to inspect your terrain for obstacles. Do you have hills or a water feature? Are there areas of your yard that are hard to navigate from the back of a lawnmower? As a rule, push mowers tend to be the most flexible while riding mowers can handle rougher terrain.

After you’ve taken stock of your yard, it is time to pick your lawnmower. You’ll enjoy the many different mower options that we sell here at Rosebud Saw Service. Give us a call when you are ready to take your lawn to the next level!

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