Grass Trimmer and a Brushcutter: Are There Any Differences?

14 July 2020

If you take pride in how your yard looks, you probably already know how much work goes into landscaping. Landscaping is all about keeping your yard pruned, pretty, and healthy. While most people know about lawnmowers, they get a little shaky when it comes to other landscaping power tools. Today, […]

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Why Do You Need Leaf Blowers and Garden Vacs?

29 June 2020

To say that all yards are not built the same would be an understatement. Here at Rosebud Saw Service, we have been around the industry long enough to know that each yard has its own special needs. This can be particularly true when leaves begin to fall and the rake […]

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When Should a Chainsaw Bar be Replaced?

11 June 2020

The chainsaw is one of the most powerful, popular, and common landscaping tools in existence. These powerful machines are useful for tackling all sorts of tasks in your yard. Whether you want to tend to your shrubs or try to remove an old stump, your trusty chainsaw can definitely come […]

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How to Safely Operate Your Hedge Trimmer

26 May 2020

If your goal is to have the best yard in the neighbourhood, you had best get familiar with your hedge trimmer. Everybody knows that landscaping your yard is a year-round job. If you want your property to pop off of the curb, you have to pay attention to every little […]

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Important Garden Equipment that You Need to Consider Buying for Garden Maintenance

12 May 2020

If you own a garden, it is crucial that is has a lively and dynamic appearance. The only way to make your garden look full of life is by maintaining it regularly. After all, maintaining your garden can give you numerous benefits. Garden maintenance allows your soil to replenish its […]

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