Concrete Saw Buying Tips: Important Features and Characteristics That You Need to Keep in Mind

14 January 2020

The best tool to use if you are planning to cut concrete, masonry, brick, asphalt, tile, and other materials would be a concrete saw. This kind of saw is normally made up of a circular blade and is always used when engaged in different construction and landscaping projects. Most often, concrete saw uses diamond saw blades to effectively cut whatever material that is used on a project. If you are looking for the best concrete saw for you, then you should know its features and characteristics first.

Types of Concrete Saw

One key difference between concrete saws is the way they are powered on. As technology progress, companies have utilised different power sources for tools and machines to work fully. For concrete saws, the three main power sources for them are gas, battery, and electricity.

  • Gas-powered saws:Saws that are powered by gas give you the option to be mobile since the power source comes from the tool itself. Through loading up fuel, you are guaranteed that your saw will function well. One thing you must consider, though, is that fuel can be expensive. If you are planning on using this saw for a long time, then expect faster depletion of fuel.
  • Battery-powered saws:Battery-powered saws can be as mobile as saws powered by gas. You don’t have to be connected to your power outlet just to cut some things. Luckily, batteries are cheaper than fuel. However, the power of battery-powered saws may be limited than the others.
  • Electricity-powered saws: Projects with stable electricity output can maximise the capabilities of saws that run on electricity. Saws of this type can save you money since you don’t have to buy fuel or battery. Moreover, they don’t create loud noise compared to the other two. Attachments are also available for some electric saws.

Important Features to Lookout for

The power source can be a differentiating factor in choosing concrete saws. However, there are some more important features and characteristics that you must look out for to match your needs.

One of the most important features that you should consider is the amount of your needed torque. This feature can certainly help you handle and finish projects at your desired time and without any restraints. If you need to cut materials that are too sturdy, then you may want to pick a concrete saw with tremendous power.

Additionally, if you want to cut in a precise manner, then you must find a concrete saw with a guiding feature such as built-in lasers or other options. Aside from saving time, this guiding feature can help you achieve straight and even cut.

Now, depending on your type of concrete saw, you must see to it that your power source is sufficient to make your saw work. You must have enough fuel or battery whenever you start your project. If you have electric saw, your cord must be long enough to avoid unnecessary interruptions during the cutting action.

In buying a concrete saw, you have to take note of all its types and features. After all, you will be the one who will be using this saw for your upcoming construction or landscape projects. If you want to enquire about concrete saws, then contact us now at Rosebud Saw Service.

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