Essential Ride-on Mower Maintenance Tips

24 January 2020

One type of mower that is frequently used by property owners is ride-on mowers. Unlike other mowers that are pushed or towed, operators of a ride-on mower are seated on top of the mower itself. They are most suitable for large lawns as they can be operated across a huge area with ease. One important thing to note, however, is that the use of ride-on mower requires safety measures such as wearing heavy footwear, eye protection, and hearing protection.

The difference between ride-on mowers and other types of mowers may be predominantly on the physical specification side. However, a ride-on mower must still be maintained so that it can perform at its maximum capacity. If you own one, here are some maintenance tips that you may want to follow for a fully functional ride-on mower.

Set out at Maintenance Schedule

Before heading out to start the maintenance, you must plot first the schedule of your ride-on mower maintenance. Maintenance should be done regularly if you want to prolong the life of your mower. The most recommended time would most likely be indicated on your mower’s manual. Better yet, ask your retailer or the support service of your mower about the best time to maintain.

Clean the Ride-on Mower in Detail

Every time you use your mower, leaves, dirt, and debris tend to be stuck in some of its areas. To clean these elements out, use compressed air or a leaf blower for a better cleaning effect. You can do this before the first use and after every during the season.

Check the Blades

Mower would not be complete without the blades. So, it is crucial that you check the sharpness of your blade if you want excellent mowing results. If you have a blade sharpener, then you can sharpen them carefully. Just make sure to wear sturdy gloves and eye protection to avoid any accidents.

Replace Oil and Fuel

Sometimes, we may have left our mower with gas in it for a long time. This old fuel may become a thick varnish that can clog your gasoline can. Drain this old fuel and replace it with a new one so that you don’t have to worry about any clogging issues during mowing operations. This draining may also be applied to oil.

Change Filters

Aside from fuel and oil, if you want a fresh start, change the filters found on your ride-on mower. Both oil and air filters must be clean so that you don’t have to worry about any operational issues while you are busy mowing your backyard. However, if you feel that your filters can still be saved, then consult your manual for their recommended cleaning process.

Check Tires

Lastly, your ride-on mower will not work if it has flat tires. So, check the tires if they are inflated at an optimal level. If not, then inflate them with the recommended air pressure that is normally listed on the sidewall of the tires.

Maintaining your ride-on mower can help extend its life as well as yield optimal performance when it comes to mowing your backyard. If you want to know more about some facts about the ride-on mower, you can visit us now at Rosebud Saw Service.

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