Grass Trimmer and a Brushcutter: Are There Any Differences?

14 July 2020

If you take pride in how your yard looks, you probably already know how much work goes into landscaping. Landscaping is all about keeping your yard pruned, pretty, and healthy. While most people know about lawnmowers, they get a little shaky when it comes to other landscaping power tools. Today, we are going to be discussing two different tools that can positively impact the work that you are doing in your yard. Today, we are going to be comparing grass trimmers and brushcutters.

Grass Trimer vs. Brushcutter: Primary Differences

If you have ever had to deal with brush, bushes, or weeds, you likely know the importance of having some technical help. While anyone call pull weeds or trim their bushes by hand, the process can be involved, exhausting, and more than a little annoying. In order to make the process easier, people turn to tools like grass trimmers and brushcutters. While these two tools share many similarities, they aren’t explicitly the same. Let’s dive into the differences between the two tools, below.

1) What is a Grass Trimmer?

A grass trimmer, which can sometimes be called a string trimmer, is a handheld, lightweight power tool. Typically, grass trimmers are affordable little power tools that are great for quickly trimming your grass and the occasional weed. These tools can come in corded, gas, and battery-powered models. Gas-powered grass trimmers are going to be the most powerful version that you can purchase, so keep that in mind while shopping around.

Ideal For
– Small yards, or minor weed infestations. Grass trimmers aren’t ideal for trimming bushes or heavy brush due to the weak nature of the cutting instrument.

2) What is a Brushcutter?

While a brushcutter can look similar to a grass trimmer, they actually have quite a few minor differences. For starters, brushcutters tend to operate on a gas engine. Your brushcutter will also feature an extended shaft and a more durable design. Brushcutters are significantly more powerful than grass trimmers. Brushcutters can be used for grass, thick weeds, heavy brush, and even small trees.

Ideal For – Basically anything that might need to be trimmed or cut in your yard. Brushcutters are heavy-bodied tools that are designed to handle thick weeds, thick brush, grass, and even small trees.

Brushcutters and grass trimmers look similar to one another, but now you can see that they have pretty tangible differences. No matter what type of yard you have, or power tool you need, you can turn to Rosebud Saw Service for help purchasing the perfect tool. Contact us today for all of your grass trimming and brushcutter needs.

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