How to Pick the Right Lawn Mower Battery

22 November 2019

The recurring dilemma of first-time lawn mower owners is finding the right battery for their equipment. If you have push lawn mowers, then you don’t have to worry about this problem since these mowers are pull-started. However, if you own a riding lawn mower, then the right battery can help you do your task effectively and efficiently.

While most riding mowers can accept any compatible battery, buying the best one can help you perform the task efficiently, and at the same time, save you both time and money. To help you find the right battery for your lawn mower, here are some factors that you must consider.

Size and Terminal Position

The batteries of a lawn mower are given with a group number as indicated by the Battery Council International. A group number pertains to their physical size as well as the position of the terminal. Most of the lawn mower batteries are grouped as U1 batteries, which come in two types, U1L and U1R. U1 batteries have dimensions of 8.3 inches long, 5.1 inches wide and 7.25 inches high. The variations of U1 batteries are differentiated by the positive terminal position. Positive terminals of U1L are positioned on the left, while U1R’s positive terminal is on the right.

The position of these terminals is significant since the length of a mower’s battery cables must reach the terminal found on the batteries. Stretching the cable may cause short circuit problems on your lawn mower that can damage your equipment.


Batteries are commonly constructed with metal plates submerged in a sulphuric acid solution. With conventional batteries, the metal plates are made of lead impregnated with antimony. This composition makes the batteries lose charge over time. Corrosion can also infiltrate the battery due to the presence of antimony. Over time, batteries are now made with plates submerged in calcium.  This new battery composition reduces the possibility of losing charge and corrosion. Calcium batteries can also withstand vibration and sudden impact. Absorbed glass mat and gel cell batteries can also prevent spilling if they tip over since they limit the amount of liquid acid supplied inside.


The voltage of your lawn mower battery depends on the indicated voltage on your equipment. Most riding lawn mower uses 12-volt batteries – the same batteries found on most automotive and vehicles. Some batteries can run at a higher voltage, usually at 36 to 40 volts. These high-voltage batteries are specialized and are only suitable for power electric walk-behind mowers.

Cold Cranking Amps

Aside from voltage, the batteries of your lawn mower are rated based on the cold cranking amps (CCA) that they have. The CCA rating measures the current the battery can deliver in half a minute at zero degrees Fahrenheit. If a battery has a high CCA rating, then it can deliver a lot of power at low temperatures. CCA rating gives you an idea of how efficient your lawn mower battery is on a chilly day. Your lawn mower will provide the best CCA rating for your battery. A lawn mower battery that is below the recommended CCA rating of equipment will not perform very well.

Knowing the factors of your lawn mower battery can help you use your lawn mower effectively. If you are ready to shop for your batteries, then contact us now at Rosebud Saw Service. We have stock of all major brands for customers that need lawn mowers, batteries, and other related products.

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