Lawn Mower Maintenance Guidelines from Rosebud Saw Service

06 March 2020

Just like any other outdoor tool, lawn mowers are also susceptible to damages over a long time of use. Fortunately, the problems found on a lawn mower can be easily found and diagnosed. If replacements are needed, the components on your lawn mower are always available in some stores.

We, at Rosebud Saw Service, want to help you maintain your lawn mower with ease. Here are some maintenance guidelines for components that frequently cause lawn mower issues and problems.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are essential in powering up your lawn mower. If these plugs are disconnected, loose, dirty, or defective, then your lawn mower will not start.

Disconnected plugs can be easily fixed by firmly pushing the wire back onto them. But if you have loose spark plugs, you must tighten them clockwise with a spark plug wrench or ratchet wrench. Dirty spark plugs, on the other hand, require removal of accumulated debris like dirt, oil, grass, and others. To clean them, you must use a rag to clean the surrounding area of the plugs. Then, unplug them to remove any minor deposits on these plugs through the use of a wire brush and spark plug cleaner.

Deposits that cannot be removed on a plug mean that they have permanently damaged the plug. A crack on the plug’s porcelain also means that the plug is already broken. Any signs of corrosion can also ruin the functionality of the plugs. The only thing that you can do with these situations is to replace the spark plug with a new one.

Fuel System

Your fuel system is very important to run the engine of your lawn mower. Without effective fuel movement inside your engine, your mower will not start even if other components are in good condition.

Before you check the components of your fuel system, you must disconnect the spark plug first. Wear latex or nitrile gloves to protect your hands from caustic gasoline. If your engine has completely cooled down, you can now drain the fuel tank. Be ready to catch any spills by having a small empty container by your side.

The presence of mud or grass on your fuel cap can totally obstruct the fuel movement inside your engine. To clean this, you must remove the cap on its place and clean it with a shot of compressed air. Another component that you must look into is your fuel line. If you see that it has already cracked, then replace it. A shot of compressed air can also be used in cleaning a fuel line that is still in good condition.

Air Filter

Prolonged use of a dirty air filter can damage your engine since it cannot draw an adequate amount of cooling air to function properly. If your lawn mower regularly loses its power, consumes an excessive amount of fuel, runs roughly, or does not turn over when you pull the cord or turn the key, it would be best for you to check your air filter immediately.

To determine if you can still clean your air filter, then you must pull it out first. You must examine its frame for any cracks and its paper pleats for any tears or holes. The presence of these elements means that you should replace your air filter. In contrast, if you don’t find any irregularities, then all you have to do is to gently tap the paper filter to loosen the debris. You can also clean this with a vacuum. Alternatively, foam filters must be washed in warm water with a mild detergent.

In some cases, the replacement of air filter is a must if the debris cannot be cleaned anymore. Bring this air filter to a store and use this as a reference in buying a new one.

These maintenance guidelines can help you troubleshoot your lawn mower all by yourself. If you need some help, you can always contact us at Rosebud Saw Service.

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