Maintenance and Safety Tips on Lawn Mowers

26 March 2020

To make the height of a backyard’s plants look more pleasing, property owners would use lawn mowers to cut and trim down them. Keeping the height of the grass uniform also keeps the whole backyard healthy, preventing pests and other elements from damaging your outdoor area. However, a successful mowing activity will only be successful if your lawn mower is still in great condition. Moreover, you are only ensured of a harmless and safe mowing action if you use it correctly.

How to maintain your lawn mower?

Whenever you start with the maintenance of your lawn mower, you must make sure that the spark plug is removed first. This step is necessary so that you won’t start it accidentally. Once it is removed, you must drain the gasoline out if it is the end of the season. Stocking up your old gasoline prevents your lawn mower from starting it. If you will be using your lawn mower after a long time of rest, you must replace both the spark plug and gasoline to make it work.

Replacements are also required with your oil and air filter. Just like gasoline, keeping the oil for a long time will affect the start-up of your lawn mower. Tons of oil types are available in the market, so consult with your manual to see the compatible one. Air filters, on the other hand, can get dirty and full of debris after numerous times of use. Replacing it will help your lawn mower work at peak efficiency.

After various replacements, you must now clean your lawn mower. You can start by clearing out any grass and debris that have accumulated on the undercarriage of your equipment. Additionally, you can sharpen the blades of your lawn mower so that it can effectively cut and trim your lawn. However, you must seek professional help if you don’t know how to sharpen the blades. Lastly, you must initiate engine fogging so that you can avoid corrosion and damage on your lawn mower.

How to use your lawn mower safely?

One mowing tip that you can do is to wear proper safety gear. Use proper footwear that can withstand accidental cutting action of a spinning blade. You must also wear long pants to protect your legs. Moreover, you must wear eye protection to help protect yourself from any flying debris. Hearing protection is also advised to avoid hearing damage due to prolonged exposure to loud engine noise.

Once you have the proper safety gear, you must now prepare your mowing space. Large sticks, rocks, branches, toys, and other items must be removed first since they might get thrown out by your lawn mower. After all, you don’t want to injure yourself, operator, or even bystanders when you start mowing your lawn. Doing this can also keep your windows or car away from having shattered glass.

If you have kids at home, you must make sure that they stay away from the mowing activity. Don’t even think of letting kids operate your lawn mower as they might get into unexpected accidents. Aside from children, any spectators, even adults, should steer clear of your mowing activity as they might get hit by flying debris or get struck by the lawn mower itself.

Another thing that you must remember in operating your lawn mower is to always keep your body parts away from the moving blades. Do not pull your running lawn mower towards you as you might end up in a hospital. Also, do not attempt to unclog the chute, adjust the wheel height, or inspect the blades while your blades are running. If mowing on an angle or hill, you must make sure that the mower does not tip and slides into your feet and hands.

Knowing these maintenance and safety tips enables you to mow your backyard successfully without getting into accidents. To know more about the proper handling of a lawn mower, you must visit us at Rosebud Saw Service.

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