Must-have Equipment for Lawn Care and Garden Maintenance

14 February 2020

Taking care of your garden is very important to make it flourish through time. Lawn care and garden maintenance may be time-consuming, but all of your hard work with them can benefit you at the end of the day. Without any maintenance, your lawn will be prone to damages from external elements, unnecessary weed growth, unpleasant garden appearance, and many more.

Regular maintenance of your lawn is required if you want your garden to look good. Maintenance also helps you achieve a great looking garden for your family, visitors, and even neighbours to see. Proper maintenance is achieved when you have the necessary equipment for all types of garden work. Here are some of the things that you may want to use when taking care of your lawn.


Perhaps one of the most popular machines in garden maintenance is the lawnmower. It has one or more revolving blades that can cut the grass of your lawn depending on your preferred grass height. The cutting action of the lawn keeps your lawn healthy and prevents pests from ruining your garden.

Line Trimmer

Unlike lawn mowers, a line trimmer uses a flexible monofilament line instead of revolving blades to cut grass and weeds. This line will spin fast enough to cut plants and grass effectively and efficiently. One good thing about line trimmers is that they can reach areas that lawnmower can’t.


Finishing touches of lawn are created through the use of a lawn edger. It is a garden tool that can help you cut the grass around the edges of your lawn. A lawn edger is also used in creating new garden beds, pathways, and any features of your new garden landscape.

Leaf Blower

After cutting excess grass and weeds, lawn owners use leaf blowers to clean these things up. By blowing out air, they can remove lawn clippings, leaves, small twigs, dirt, and others off of your garden and sidewalks. Their motors are powered by either electricity or gasoline.


You may be surprised to see chainsaw on this list. However, this tool actually helps you remove overgrown trees by the time comes. Chainsaws can help you cut up branches, trim trees, and obtain firewood whenever necessary. You can also use this tool to manage falling limbs and trees, which can ultimately help you avoid any accidents and damage on your lawn.

Hedge Trimmer

Just like lawn edger, a hedge trimmer helps you remove uneven and overgrown shrubs in your landscape. This garden tool can also help you maintain the beautiful appearance of your backyard by modifying the shape of your hedge. Moreover, this tool is lightweight that is designed to deliver cutting power for any given task.

Owning this set of garden equipment can easily help you maintain and take care of your lawn. If you want to know your options for these tools, you can contact us at Rosebud Saw Service now. We sell lawnmowers, trimmers, and other garden tools from the most popular brands.

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