Things to Consider When Choosing Between a Grass Trimmer or Brushcutter

10 December 2019

Maintenance of your backyard can be a task for others. If you are willing to spend extra money just to get the services for your backyard trimming, then go. But if you want to do the trimming on your own, then you need to buy a tool that can help you with your backyard maintenance. Luckily, there are two options for your backyard trimming: grass trimmer and brushcutter.

Our backyard has distinct characteristics that may be a job for a specific tool. Some lawns may be ideal for grass trimmer, while others are for brushcutter. You have to know the qualities of your lawn as well as other factors for you to choose the best lawn tool on your household. To help you out, here are some things to consider when choosing between a grass trimmer and brushcutter.

The Type of Your Lawn

Since you are dealing with your lawn itself, you must know the type of grass that you have. If you will be trimming short to medium-length grass, then a grass trimmer is the best option for you. The brushcutter, on the other hand, is optimal for your long and overgrown grass, weeds, and small trees. However, if you are unsure about the type of grass you are cutting, or if you have both types of grass and brush to cut, then consider buying a machine that can function as both grass trimmer and brushcutter.

The Size of Your Garden

From the type of your lawn, you must all examine the area or size of your garden. If you have a large garden or plan to trim far away from your house, then consider an option that does not require plugging into the mains. A lightweight option for the same kind of land can also be convenient to make the task comfortable in the long run. Alternatively, if you have a garden that is densely packed with plants, then consider a trimmer with a smaller head. This kind of trimmer will allow you to do the cutting and trimming without damaging both the tool and the plants on the process.

Technical Specifications

As you know, some characteristics of the grass trimmer may be different from brushcutter, but some of the qualities may have the same for both of them. So, here are some specifications that may help you find the one for you.

  • Power Type:There are three types of grass trimmer and brushcutter. The corded variations of both devices are plugged into the electricity socket, which provides you unlimited constant power for your trimming needs. The cordless variations, on the other hand, are powered by batteries. These models are lighter in weight and can be charged for less than one hour. Lastly, the petrol variations are powered by fuel and oil for them to function. They are heavier and louder than the other models.
  • Cutting System:Both grass trimmers and brushcutters may use either line cutting system or blade cutting system. With the line cutting system, a strong wire or line rotates quickly that will cut the grass and is held on with a spool within the head of the device. This system is common on grass trimmers, while the blade cutting system is more common on high-specification grass trimmers and brushcutters. With this system, the blades rotate at high speed. Compared to the previous cutting system, blades are more durable and are easier to maintain. For longer grass, shrubs, and weeds, use blades. Lines are preferred when trimming shorter grass and around delicate areas.
  • Cubic and Tank Capacity:Applicable for petrol grass trimmers and brushcutters, the cubic capacity of a device can help you determine how powerful it is. More power is deployed to the cutting head, which helps the device deal with thicker grass or weeds. The larger the engine, the heavier the device is. With cubic capacity, the tank capacity of the device determines how long you can trim without having to fill up again.

With these key differences, you now have the liberty to choose between the grass trimmer and the brushcutter. If you have more questions about these two tools, you may contact us at Rosebud Saw Service.

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