When Should a Chainsaw Bar be Replaced?

11 June 2020

The chainsaw is one of the most powerful, popular, and common landscaping tools in existence. These powerful machines are useful for tackling all sorts of tasks in your yard. Whether you want to tend to your shrubs or try to remove an old stump, your trusty chainsaw can definitely come in handy. With that being said, your chainsaw isn’t invincible. Given enough time and heavy usage, your chainsaw will start to break down. Today, we are going to be discussing one specific part of your chainsaw, your chainsaw bar. Knowing when to replace your chainsaw bar is of the utmost importance and you’ll soon find out why.

When to Replace Your Chainsaw Bar

When you look at your chainsaw, the last thing you’ll likely notice is your chainsaw bar. Most people pay attention to the chain and the motor and while they should, we can’t simply ignore the state of our chainsaw bar. A healthy chainsaw bar will provide you with the ability to efficiently guide your chainsaw through all of your cutting motions. A worn chainsaw bar, however, will lead to potential issues. Not only will a warn chainsaw bar make it harder to cut, but your cuts will look worse and they’ll feel less smooth as you perform them. When do you need to replace your chainsaw bar? How can you tell? Those are great questions, so let’s answer them below.

1) Wiggle Your Chain – If your chainsaw bar is in good working order, you’ll be able to wiggle your chainsaw chain without worrying about any loose feeling. If your chainsaw bar is wearing down, your chainsaw’s chain will wiggle back and forth. Your chain should fit neatly and snugly into your bar, culminating in a U-shape tension. When that U-shape turns into a V-shape, you need a new bar.

2) Test the Edge
– Your chainsaw bar will allow for a small amount of movement when it is brand new. Over time, however, your worn chainsaw bar will begin to present a curved appearance. Why does this happen? Well, the simple answer is that your chainsaw’s chain will begin to warp the edge of your chainsaw’s bar. This is symbolic of a pretty worn out chainsaw bar, so make sure that you are ready to get the bar replaced as soon as you notice the issue.

Your chainsaw isn’t like most of your other landscaping tools. When your chainsaw bar wears down, it can create potentially dangerous situations. If you need to replace your chainsaw bar, you will want to go to a professional. You can reach our team of professionals for all of your chainsaw needs, so give Rosebud Saw Service a call today.

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